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Here at Gecko Labs, we firmly believe that the hobby needs to get back to feeling more like a community, where we all help one another learn about these wonderful species. 

Without crowd-sourcing knowledge to continually push ourselves forward, we fall into a stagnant complacency,  which is what has largely happened with the onset of social media. Only a very small percentage of the community are still dedicated to improving husbandry and learning more about the animals they choose to keep, especially here in the states. 

Instead, too many keepers or breeders view it strictly from a competitive sense. Keeping information tight knit that may help countless others be more successful, be it simple husbandry tips to help animals thrive, or breeding tips to increase success on that front. 

To help combat this, and push keepers back to maximizing enjoyment and curiosity about these animals, we have kick-started a small series, Species Spotlight Saturday. 

This is a series we've started to highlight less-known species which are still relatively simple in care, in an effort to help educate newer keepers, that may otherwise not know said species existed. Follow along and watch it grow! I will embed the current week's post on the SSS page, and catalog the previous ones along the bottom of the page.

If you have ideas for the series or suggested species to highlight, don't hesitate to reach out and email us at

Additionally, I will use this page as a depository for other educational material we've put together in the past. 

Species Spotlight Saturday

Check back weekly, to see what the next installment of SSS will be! 

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