Gidgee Skinks! (Egernia stokesii)

We will update the inventory as they are ready to ship.

If you would like to pre-pay to ensure you get a pair, contact us either on our Facebook page or via email. What will be offered are unrelated pairs (900/pr shipped.) One litter we're growing out hails from Joey Mugleston's stock at Great Basin Serpentarium, while the other litter is from Repashy's stock.

Ordered pairs will have an animal from each litter. Single males (400ea shipped) will be filled based on what remains, though you can let us know if you have a preference as to which lineage you would prefer. Note, these are YOUNG animals. Though while most will offer Egernia offspring in groups of unsexed where the buyer then takes a gamble hoping they get at least a pair, we are offering ours sexed.They are all currently feeding on insects (primarily crickets and mealworms), mixed greens, fruits, and Repashy's Bluey Buffet, Grub Pie, Banana Cream Pie, and Pumpkin Pie, along with occasional Pangea or Black Panther Zoological diets drizzled on the greens. 

Egernia stokesii


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