Gidgee Skinks! (Egernia stokesii)

Note, these are YOUNG animals from earlier this year, and the photos are representative. They are growing steadily and will be ready to ship in mid-July.

Though while most will offer Egernia offspring in groups of unsexed where the buyer then takes a gamble hoping they get at least a pair, we offer ours sexed. There is currently (7/3/21) two lone males available.

They are all currently feeding on insects (primarily crickets and mealworms), mixed greens, fruits, and Repashy's Bluey Buffet, Grub Pie, Banana Cream Pie, and Pumpkin Pie, along with occasional Pangea or Black Panther Zoological diets drizzled on the greens. 

Egernia stokesii


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