Miscellaneous Projects

Here you'll find updates on our breeder animals for our "odds and ends" projects. The projects here will generally fall under one of the following categories:

1. A species we only work with a single pair of

2. An obscure species in which we're working with and likely will not release offspring publicly 

Egenia stokesii, spiny tail skink



Ctenosaura bakeri, Utila spiny tail iguana



Egenia stokesii is a small species of spiny-tailed skink. They are a live-bearing species that we primarily keep as a display species, though we do have breeding groups set up

Ctenosaura bakeri is a critically endangered species of spiny tail iguana, endemic to a small island in Honduras. There are ongoing conservation projects to assist the native populations! 

Salea anamallayana



Ptydactylus ragazzi

Ptyodactylus ragazzi

Salea anamallayana are a small agamid native to the high elevation brushy areas of India. Their environment is rather similar to the cloud forests, so they do perfectly with the species we also keep for Urban Ark Conservation.

Ptyodactylus ragazzi are a desert dwelling gecko from Africa, who's toe adaptation assist them to grip sand and still run rather quickly. We currently work with a trio of these.

snake, dumerils boa, reptile, gecko

Acrantophis dumerili

Barisia rudicollis



Dumerils boas are a ground dwelling boa from Madagascar. They are a medium sized snake that do extraordinarily well in naturalistic enclosures where their behaviors can be seen and appreciated. 

Barisia rudicollis are a live-bearing, terrestrial species of alligator lizard from Mexico.