Gargoyle Geckos

Here you'll find updates on our breeder animals! We will add more photos as we get updated shots of them.




Gigi was our first gargoyle, and we've raised her since she was only around two months old. She's also likely the oldest of our gargs, given we've had her for around 9-10 years now. 

Scarface was aptly named for a pretty bad abrasion he had on his face upon arrival from rubbing against the cup in transit aggressively. 

This male from Pangea is currently nameless. 

This girl is currently nameless. We jokingly refer to her as Crunchy lady, because she was rather dehydrated when she arrived here. 

Kevin came to us marked as a male, so it was surprising to find eggs in 'his' humid hide a few weeks later. However, the name has stuck, much like in the movie 'Up.' 


Nub was lazily named after being the only gargoyle to drop a tail in our care. 


This girl is currently nameless. She fires a pinkish-red, when she cooperates. She's one of our favorites, but she's also a total spazz. 

P.K. is probably our favorite male garg here. We're hoping to bring in a similar female for him soon




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